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Dealounge is a data and distribution company serving the deal industry. Dealounge was founded in 2014 as a platform for investment bankers to showcase their M&A deals having at least $2-3MM EBITDA across industries. Our audience is made up of private equity firms, strategic acquirers, and accredited retail investors. Our extensive database helps to connect supply to demand in each of 49 self-selected industry categories. Distribution on deals over $2MM of LTM EBITDA is free on Dealounge.

In addition to M&A, Dealounge helps investment bankers to “widen the net” on capital raises by offering access to our 100,000+ accredited retail investors. Investment bankers also find our database helpful to generate a list of buyers, and to check the completeness of an existing buyer universe. We make their distribution process more efficient, and get more eyeballs on their deals, leading to a higher probability of success.

Companies can list themselves on our platform to “DIY” their deal, or can raise capital with investors directly via Officer-raised Financing, which is a concept pioneered by Dealounge. Companies that wish to engage the Dealounge platform should have demonstrable revenue traction and have at least 2 years operating history.

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