Harness the power.
Investment Bankers

Dealounge is a database and a distribution platform that makes the process of getting a deal out more efficient, and also expands the audience.

When investment bankers push a deal to their buyer list, the process is often labor-intensive and interferes with the productivity of resources at that firm. Given that many firms are understaffed at the junior level, there can be a real opportunity cost there. The main problem that Dealounge solves for bankers is that we help them to overcome that opportunity cost by making the distribution process virtually instantaneous.

While you push your deal, our proprietary technology pulls it into industry silos with self-selected interest from institutional buyers. We can also expand your audience significantly to buyers that you may not know of, backed up by our research on the Dealounge audience: we know their holdings, their past exits by industry, and what industries and subcategories that they are seeking.

Dealounge has 500+ private equity firms in the US and Canada, and those firms have demonstrated their motivation by self-selecting their interest in our industry categories according to:
  • What’s in their portfolio
  • Past exits by the firm and the firm’s Principals
  • Platforms that they are seeking
Our audience consists of thousands of strategic acquirers across 49 different industry categories, many of which are broken down to subcategories. For example, within technology we have 10 subcategories including SaaS, data and mobile. We emphasize strategic acquirers because those are the best result for your client.

When you list a deal on Dealounge, there is no downside risk to you or to your client. Distribution on deals over $2MM of LTM EBITDA is free on Dealounge. We distribute only non-confidential materials with the selling company’s name redacted. We also do not interfere in your process.

Our purpose is to connect you with serious, pre-qualified, accredited potential buyers – what you do with those buyers is up to you. It’s your process.

Our audience pays to connect on our deals, so they are invested in the process already. This is a great audience for your next deal!