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Private Equity
The most commonly-heard pain point among private equity firms is the need and desire to get a deal that is proprietary. Unfortunately, a truly proprietary deal is like the yeti: you’ve heard about it, but you’ve never actually seen one.

It’s a myth. Proprietary deals don’t really exist.

What we give private equity buyers instead is the ability to compete with different sized pools of buyers. When you fly, for example, there are fewer customers “competing” for service and attention in first class than there are in coach. Dealounge gives private equity buyers the ability to upgrade, per deal or ongoing via subscription, to a higher level of status so that your bid is taken seriously. We present you as a highly-motivated buyer, along with the strategic acquirers who get priority in our process.

We have researched the private equity firms in the Dealounge audience to understand:
  • What’s in your portfolio today
  • Past exits
  • What transactions you consider to be representative of your firm
  • What platforms you are seeking
We make an effort to keep that data current and up-to-date on an ongoing basis, so that we can get you the deals that you want to see on a consistent basis.

The upshot is that we present your interest in the context of those factors; i.e. whether you have past exits or a stated desire to build a platform in a particular industry. That way, when we connect you to the advisor, there is a solid rationale for your firm being taken seriously.

Any firm can be a stalking horse in a process. We let you upgrade front cabin during a process, so that if there’s a deal in a particular industry that your firm wants to access, we can get you to the front of the line, thereby competing against fewer bidders rather than “the many.” It’s a better use of your time, and ours.