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We have 3 levels of subscription:

Best fit:

  • SILVER level: unfunded sponsors.
  • GOLD level: dedicated funds who don’t want to pay a Lehman at closing.
  • EMPIRE level: dedicated funds that want access to ALL the deals that we see, regardless of industry.
  • Ultra: firms that want “first looks” in an industry.
Our Ultra offering a great fit for a buyer that is highly-motivated to acquire a platform or add-ons in a specific industry, and wants us “beating the bushes” on their behalf.

For unfunded sponsors that wish to backend the fee to the extent possible, silver may be the only option, and they can bypass the Lehman agreement on the first deal. The economics are usually better to upgrade to gold level after that first connection, as Dealounge doesn’t split fees with the sell-side advisor. All our fees come from the buy side, unless otherwise noted.